Make a Guy Love You

Every woman out there wants to know the secrets of how to get him hooked on you. Though, every woman wishes it was just as simple as giving him a love potion, it is not. Getting a man to love and adore you isn’t nearly as challenging as you make think it is. You do have to absolutely certain this is the guy for you before you become too emotionally invested and before you put an enormous amount of effort into showing him he can’t live without you. So before you decide to use the trade secrets and get your man hooked on you, you need to ask yourself if the relationship is the real deal.

If you think about him constantly, if his smile makes your knees weak and if you can’t envision a future with any man but him, he’s likely the one you’ve been waiting for. This is your guy – the one who can and will complete your life, so be certain to make him see that you’re the only woman for him.

Strategically Be There for Your Man

For starters, be available when he needs you, yet play a little hard to get. You want the guy to realize how sensational you are and how he cannot live without you. If you are constantly around, this makes that task impossible. In fact, those girls who are around all the time usually their man losses interest very fast. But, you do not want to be the girl who keeps putting him off when he calls. Doing this will also chase him away as he will see that you have lost interest. It is a very fine line that you need to find a middle ground to.

Show Him How Special He Is

When you around make him feel special. Let him know that he is your only prince. Men like to feel like they are protecting their women for whatever dangers that may be around. Letting him open a jar that you cannot get open and then telling him you don’t know what you would do without him, is a great way to show that you value him.

You will also want to know what his dreams are and encourage him to achieve them. A man loves it when a woman is on board for whatever future plan he has. When he is down in the dumps, you need to remind him of this future plan, and paint a lovely picture of how his life will be once he accomplishes his dreams. Being able to lift him out of a mood and put a smile on his face is something that all men cherish, whether they admit it or not.

Making a man fall desperately in love with you is all about appealing directly to his needs, wants and desires. You have to understand what it is he requires from a partner. There are secrets about men we all wish we knew – watch this surprising video to learn exactly what a man needs from a woman in order to fall head over heels in love with her.



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